Moving In Stillness
QiGong Teacher Certification Program

Presented By
Karl Ardo

Mission Statement

Moving In Stillness was created to provide clear instruction in the art, science, and theory of QiGong to all levels of students-practitioners and those who aspire to become QiGong teachers.

We specialize in QiGong for health, healing, and longevity. We welcome students with all levels of experience. We evaluate prior QiGong training and related experience to provide guidance and appropriate instruction for completion of all levels of the certification program.

QiGong Tracks

Level I QiGong Practitioner Certification: 100 hours of formal QiGong training recognizes an individual's commitment towards the study and practice of QiGong.

Level II QiGong Instructor Certification: 200 hours of formal QiGong training qualifies an individual to teach and promote QiGong.

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